Monday, November 19, 2012

Wait Your Turn Fat Boy


I had to go downtown last week and everything was decked out for Christmas. TV is full of Christmas ads. Supposedly, the Hallmark channel is nothing but Christmas movies, Someone told me one of our local radio stations has begun to play non-stop Christmas music.

Then there is all the hoopla going on about the big box stores being open on Thanksgiving. What the hell? I get it that some people don’t do the family thing on Thanksgiving but just stay your butt home. Do you really have to eat out or shop? What about the people serving you wanting to be with their families. Don’t you feel just a bit guilty for making them miss their gathering?

Maybe we should just have one holiday per year on July 4 and let it encompass all the other holidays we used to celebrate in this country. The whole country just shuts down for 1 week and we have one big party. Dyed eggs in a basket carried by Santa Claus, fireworks, a ball drop (or possum if you are from NC), flag waving, we can wear costumes, etc. etc.
What do you think about my grand idea?

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  1. I'm always up for anything involving the appearance of sweet little possums :)


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