Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Tell Me What To Do

What the hay is going on lately with all the suggestions of who I should like, what I should read, what music I should listen to, etc.?

Facebook suggests friends.

Local news tells me 10 things I need to know.

Spotify tells me music I should listen to.

Twitter tells me who I should follow.

LinkedIn tells me who I should connect with.
Amazon tells me what books I should read.

Dear Suggestors,
If I wanted those people as friends I would have already friended them. Local news station you don’t even cover our local area anymore and I don't care what Justin Bieber is doing. I admit to trying out some of the suggested music of Spotify so you can keep suggesting. Twitter you suggest people/businesses who haven’t tweeted in months so why would I want to follow them. LinkedIn you want me to connect with someone who hasn’t changed their profile since they set it up 3 years ago. Amazon thinks I like porn with military costumes because of the 50 Shades trilogy and the Bin Laden book I bought.
Where do you come up with these suggestions? Not from my personal preference I assure you. (Amazon, maybe you can keep suggesting)

I don’t particularly like anyone telling me what to do, well there is one exception to that but I will leave that for another post.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cheap Entertainment and Stalking

I do believe I am ADD, ADHD or just distracted by shiny objects. I can’t just sit and watch TV, I must be doing 2 or 3 other things at the same time.  If I have looked at everything of interest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the news sites I read then I turn to the online mugshots in my local newspaper.

Here is the game I play. I look at them and try to guess what they were arrested for. Some of the DUI’s are easy. Another easy one is resisting arrest. If they have a banged up noggin you can pretty much guess the local popo put a whoop ass on them. The cute, 20 somethings who think it is a glamour shot are harder to figure out. Some of them are down right hilarious to look at.

The other interesting thing is who you may know. After a big local event I usually check the mug shots to see if someone I know got popped for driving after having a few.  Did that today and someone I knew professionally was there.  Of course, I had to click on his picture to see what he was arrested for, curious minds want to know. Stalking. Oh damn!

I surely hope my mug shot isn’t there anytime soon because I too stalk but I just do it via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. You put it out there – I may look.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Even Idiots Deserve To Have Freedom

I participated in a human wall of humanity today, most all with American flags, to honor a local soldier killed in Afghanistan.

 It was anticipated Westboro Baptist Church would be there with their bullshit rhetoric about how he deserved to die. I understand from some folks they did in fact show up. That is not why I went. I went because it was an opportunity to show the family the community support for their loved one and the ultimate sacrifice he made.

The Westboro Baptist Church folks didn’t concern me in the least because of the numbers of people there, the Patriot Guards who I was standing beside and our Wilmington Police Department who were amazing.

The people who I think were worse than the WBC people were our own residents who were allowed to drive on Market Street by the National Cemetery before it was closed to traffic. One jerk in his black Escalade had his window down and his very loud, booming music disturbing the peacefulness and reverence we were all experiencing. Bagpipes were playing in the distance at the cemetery and this asshole shows that kind of disrespect. He wasn’t the only one. Three young women come by with windows down, music playing, smiling and doing a fake beauty queen wave to all of us standing silent with flags. Those four people showed so much more disrespect than WBC.

It was an honor to be standing there today and I am very sorry for those four. They will never be able to experience anything like I did today because of their stupidity. How sad.  I suppose our soldiers even have to die for the idiots in our midst.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Are You A Manscaper?

A Facebook friend of mine posted this article about manscaping.
I recently had a conversation with a guy about this same topic.  He is a believer in manscaping and is one of the small percentage who does waxing in his nether regions (according to him).

I met a guy last year who said he used his beard trimmer on his whole body. Still haven’t figured out why he told me that very soon after meeting him, but oh well. Guess he was trying to explain his hairy body in anticipation of me seeing it. Didn’t happen!

In my travels I have found you can spot a European man on the beach. First, it is the Speedo.  Then you typically see a really hairy back. Hairy, as in it would keep him warm in the winter if he was nekked in the frozen tundra and not on a resort beach.
I like hair on a chest and I like facial hair. Really hairy back - not so much. I don't care how many times you carve sweet nothing messages in it.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Long Island Medium Should Meet Honey Boo Boo

Theresa Caputo's, Long Island Medium is one of TLC’s most popular shows.
I am not certain how this fits with my spiritual beliefs but I think we all would like to have a message from a loved one who is on the “other side”.
A few years back I had a chance encounter with a medium. Actually it was a client who asked to meet for a glass of wine. We had connected through the business transaction so I went.  During our conversation she began to get a peculiar look on her face and then goose bumps on her arm. She proceeded to tell me she had a gift since childhood and had fought it believing it was of the devil and not God. Throughout the years and much prayer she said she accepted it as a gift from God. She then asked me about my brother and I was confused because I had two brothers, both deceased. Bottom line, she said the most innocent spirit she had ever encountered was there. She then said the nickname I used for my little brother. Whoa! Honestly, I don’t recall much else she said because that spooked me big time. I do recall her telling me he was watching out for me.
Today I wish I could remember her name or which state she moved to eventually.
Now if the Long Island Medium could let “spirit” talk to Honey Boo Boo’s family…..
Would you go to a medium?