Sunday, February 5, 2012


Girls have a thing about their hair, at least most do (and Steven Tyler maybe). Our hair dictates what kind of day we are going to have many times. You shower, do makeup, pick out clothes, jewelry and shoes and then the hair doesn’t cooperative and bam!....confidence gets tweaked because of it. 
(I still drool like this somtimes,too)

I have had wild, curly hair all my life but recently got it professionally straightened.

What a difference the change made in me. It may have been coincidental to other things going on in my life but I think the hair played a part. I even posted pictures on Facebook showing off my new straight locks.

Where do we get the psychology of hair being so important? Our mothers putting bows and ribbons in it when we are tiny? Pressure from advertising/media? Does it go further back than that, Cleopatra maybe? This site tells the story about hair through the ages and perhaps explains somewhat.

A friend of mine recently changed her hair from her normal blonde to dark brown. I think it made a difference in her thinking. How does this happen?

And what about men and the long hair thing? Is that ancient thinking with visions of dragging the woman around by her hair ala cave man?

I change my hair frequently depending on where I am in my life. It may be long and straight today but who knows in 3 months what I may look like.  Short and blonde maybe? Probably not but you just never know.

Chime in and let me know.  Girls, does your hair affect your thinking/confidence? Guys, does your hair impact you the same way (at least you have the option of growing a beard, mustache or goatee  to change your appearance)?

Since I no longer have the wild and crazy curls I guess I will have to move the wild and crazy to my new attitude.