Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blocked and Deleted

Do you have those friends on Facebook who post stupid shit you really don’t care about? I think we all do. I have “friends” whom I have blocked from seeing any of my posts because they comment with really lame stuff or I just don’t want them to know my business or how inappropriate I can be at times.

I have blocked other people’s posts from showing up because all they do is whine about something 5 times a day. I can’t sleep. I didn’t sleep well. I am tired, It is raining. The kids have baseball practice, ugh. I sold a house. I listed a house. I did the laundry. I am an idiot! Ok, they really didn’t post that last one.

It isn’t only Facebook where I have deleted or blocked people. I have done it on all the social media sites I am on and yes, I have blocked people and numbers from calling me on my phone.  Most of the blocked numbers have been telemarketers but there have been a couple crazies I had to block.

Have you ever blocked or deleted someone?  Not me of course because I post funny and interesting shit.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Who Wants To Spoil Me?

I have always been a fiercely independent person. Some would even say sometimes to a fault.

I was taught by my mother to always be able to take care of myself in all aspects of my life. That led me to knowing that the people who are close to me are there because I want them not because I need them.
I am rethinking all that!

My schedule today would have been:
Have coffee/breakfast
Gym – have to keep the body looking good
Plan fabulous trip
Shop for clothes for trip
Mani/pedi,, massage, facial and Botox injections
Go to the beach

As I have gotten a bit more mature I am now thinking I could be a spoiled rotten, kept woman with that schedule.
Who wants to spoil me?

Monday, June 10, 2013

You Never Give Up Hope

It breaks my heart about the little girl who is getting media attention while awaiting a lung transplant. I know that story all too well and there are many more like her throughout the country - all waiting on that phone call from the transplant team.

You finally get the call and get prepped for surgery and they tell you the lungs aren’t good for you. So you go back to waiting on the next phone call. I did that 4 times with my husband before his transplant. His LAS score was higher than hers, as were others we got to know at Duke in their pre-transplant program.

You never give up hope though.

You worry they will become too sick to get a transplant before lungs are available. There is also no guarantee after the transplant you will survive very long.

You never give up hope though.

A friend recently died waiting for a kidney transplant. This happens every single day to someone.

You never give up hope though.

My husband died 3 weeks after his bi-lateral lung transplant but we never gave up hope… right until the last hours of his life.  

I am using this forum to ask if you have had the discussion with your family about being an organ donor and being sure that it is legally in your final wishes.
Give someone else hope!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love Your Lady Parts?


After my last blog post a follower on Google+ posted a message to me about yoga pants and I should discuss those. I had no idea men were so into yoga pants! Aren’t they just skinny sweat pants? Well, apparently not according to my new friend Steve.

Part of our exchange:
ME: Didn't realize men liked yoga pants. Have learned something new today.
STEVE: What? On our man cards at the bottom it says "Thank you Almighty for yoga pants".
Then lo and behold, someone posts the article pictured above about labiaplasty on Facebook tonight with a reference to looking better in yoga pants.  There was also some nonsense about being able to ride a bicycle more comfortably and other reasons to have it done. What?
I am left with two questions:
Would men consider having ball sack surgery to remove excess skin?
What are to going to do about camel toe in yoga pants?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Extra Pounds of Awesome

 I have recently gained an extra 5 pounds of awesomeness. That occurred after my lame attempt to lose 5 pounds to look a bit better in the bikini this summer. (Beer and ice cream may or may not have contributed to that)

Sunday I chose to go to the beach and get a bit of sun on that extra 5 pounds of awesomeness and the additional 5 I didn’t lose. We all know brown fat looks better than white fat so I was going to brown it up a bit to maybe disguise it some.

All you need to do to feel better about yourself is go to the beach. Why in heavens name are we debating on whether to put PE back in school for kids?  Some things I saw made me want to poke my eye out with an oyster shell.  Young women with string bikinis all proudly walking down the beach strand with enough fat hanging over the string part they could have been arrested for being nekkid on the beach. Then I saw the lady who I thought was a parasail washed up. I didn’t even know they made swim suits that size!
Now before you start hating on me like Abercrombie and Fitch I am going to compliment these girls/women. They certainly had more confidence than me. I am assuming they were comfortable enough with their awesomeness to flaunt it for all to see on the beach. I was the one stressing about the extra 5 pounds and how I looked.

Maybe my lunch break today will be a beer then a walk on the beach with my awesomeness all out there for the world to see while strutting down the beach trying to walk off that beer and brown up the awesome.