Monday, June 10, 2013

You Never Give Up Hope

It breaks my heart about the little girl who is getting media attention while awaiting a lung transplant. I know that story all too well and there are many more like her throughout the country - all waiting on that phone call from the transplant team.

You finally get the call and get prepped for surgery and they tell you the lungs aren’t good for you. So you go back to waiting on the next phone call. I did that 4 times with my husband before his transplant. His LAS score was higher than hers, as were others we got to know at Duke in their pre-transplant program.

You never give up hope though.

You worry they will become too sick to get a transplant before lungs are available. There is also no guarantee after the transplant you will survive very long.

You never give up hope though.

A friend recently died waiting for a kidney transplant. This happens every single day to someone.

You never give up hope though.

My husband died 3 weeks after his bi-lateral lung transplant but we never gave up hope… right until the last hours of his life.  

I am using this forum to ask if you have had the discussion with your family about being an organ donor and being sure that it is legally in your final wishes.
Give someone else hope!

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  1. the words of jimmy v....never, never, never give up...hope is whats helps us through the worst of times...thanks for sharing!!!


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