Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love Your Lady Parts?


After my last blog post a follower on Google+ posted a message to me about yoga pants and I should discuss those. I had no idea men were so into yoga pants! Aren’t they just skinny sweat pants? Well, apparently not according to my new friend Steve.

Part of our exchange:
ME: Didn't realize men liked yoga pants. Have learned something new today.
STEVE: What? On our man cards at the bottom it says "Thank you Almighty for yoga pants".
Then lo and behold, someone posts the article pictured above about labiaplasty on Facebook tonight with a reference to looking better in yoga pants.  There was also some nonsense about being able to ride a bicycle more comfortably and other reasons to have it done. What?
I am left with two questions:
Would men consider having ball sack surgery to remove excess skin?
What are to going to do about camel toe in yoga pants?


Please let me know if you have a comment or helpful advice.