Monday, June 17, 2013

Who Wants To Spoil Me?

I have always been a fiercely independent person. Some would even say sometimes to a fault.

I was taught by my mother to always be able to take care of myself in all aspects of my life. That led me to knowing that the people who are close to me are there because I want them not because I need them.
I am rethinking all that!

My schedule today would have been:
Have coffee/breakfast
Gym – have to keep the body looking good
Plan fabulous trip
Shop for clothes for trip
Mani/pedi,, massage, facial and Botox injections
Go to the beach

As I have gotten a bit more mature I am now thinking I could be a spoiled rotten, kept woman with that schedule.
Who wants to spoil me?


  1. Take it from a spoiled rotten, kept woman: NEVAH have a facial and Botox the same day!!!!!

    1. Thanks Deb, I will remember that when I find someone to spoil and keep me.

    2. I passed this one by a few times and can't let it go. Spoiled, kept, loved, pampered, in need of someone, all pleasures and joys of life. the way it should be, the way God wants us to live. Rethinking? what, you think you might want this now?
      You should have been spoiled from day one and thru out the rest of your life. Independence ,Self reliance, ha, has nothing to do with enjoying life.. Many woman are kept, spoiled, have wants and need others, yet are fiercely independent and can take care of themselves., Just ask any good divorce lawyer. Any woman can claim to be independent. but the woman that enjoys the pleasures of life yet can take care of herself, is the truly independent one
      It's time to get going honey you have a lot of catching up to do . If your truly independent nothings going to change that. Might I suggest, working a little more sex in that pampered schedule of yours. I bet someone's going to have a lot of fun spoiling you, B Mac....... PMJ


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