Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blocked and Deleted

Do you have those friends on Facebook who post stupid shit you really don’t care about? I think we all do. I have “friends” whom I have blocked from seeing any of my posts because they comment with really lame stuff or I just don’t want them to know my business or how inappropriate I can be at times.

I have blocked other people’s posts from showing up because all they do is whine about something 5 times a day. I can’t sleep. I didn’t sleep well. I am tired, It is raining. The kids have baseball practice, ugh. I sold a house. I listed a house. I did the laundry. I am an idiot! Ok, they really didn’t post that last one.

It isn’t only Facebook where I have deleted or blocked people. I have done it on all the social media sites I am on and yes, I have blocked people and numbers from calling me on my phone.  Most of the blocked numbers have been telemarketers but there have been a couple crazies I had to block.

Have you ever blocked or deleted someone?  Not me of course because I post funny and interesting shit.

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