Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Should You Date Someone You Can't Stalk Online?


If a man asks me out who I don’t know well or someone I just met that I am interested in, the very first thing I do is check them out on Facebook then all the other social media sites.
This article asks the question if someone is even date worthy if they don't show up in a Google search.
Since I work in social media and have been using it for centuries now, I think anyone who doesn't at least have a Facebook page is suspect. Then if you can't find them in a Google search what do you do?
I kinda consider myself an expert at finding shit out about people because of my previous career. The real challenge with being this good at stalking is not accidentally disclosing everything you know in a conversation if you do go out with him. More than once I have had to say in a very innocent manner, "oh you told me that the first time we talked".
Maybe I will start a sideline business stalking potential love interests for other people. Good idea?



  1. very interesting to see what the internet says about oneself. You may want to start a side business called Scoop On You.....for those who may be concerned about what's out there on the internet.

  2. You could just go into business period. I would pay to find out about some people I've been stalking but had no luck.


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