Thursday, July 11, 2013

So What Am I Doing Wrong?

You have probably seen the TV commercials for the Zesty Italian salad dressing featuring the sexy man asking very suggestive questions about using the product he is selling.

One of my girlfriends sent me a picture of someone looking similar to that man standing in her driveway with a water hose running down his half naked body yesterday. She kicked this guy to the curb some time ago but he did his usual drop in to mow her grass and decided to wash both her vehicles while he was there, hence the water hose picture she sneaked. She isn’t even paying him in kind, in trade or whatever for this.

I just came in from mowing my own grass, hot and sweaty, and there wasn’t anyone to even spray me down with a water hose or bring me a cold beverage.

I am doing something wrong!!! I don't think it could be all the Zesty Italian dressing stockpiled in my kitchen.



  1. What???? Your friend has an ex who looks like that, comes over and does chores but expects nothing in return???? Hate to ask, but is the dude gay? All straight guys are pigs and would want sexual favors.

    1. Oh, good. Stereotypes. Gotta love that.

  2. Yes, but he is dumb as a box of rocks and clueless, that is why she kicked him to the curb. She happened to share the sex was pretty darned good so not gay.

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe ranch dressing would get me a cowboy to mow my lawn and wash my car. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Yeah but what you don't know is maybe, just maybe some man is holding a picture of you, hot and sweaty, putting the lawn mower bragging to his friends "You'll never believe who mowed MY lawn today!" You see? It's like you're the female Zesty person!


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