Sunday, July 14, 2013

Change Was Good Today

A Sunday morning ritual that has begun for me is to go to the beach by myself and just be for a couple hours.

This morning when I got there, under beautiful sunny skies, the seas were in a turmoil for no apparent reason. The waters were churning and waves were coming in from all different directions it seemed.

I set my chair down near the water as I normally do and settled in to just be for awhile. It was so relaxing just sitting there listening to the waves and because I had not slept well the night before, I must have begun to doze. The next thing I know I was being soaked by an errant wave that washed almost completely over me. I always keep the belongings I take to the beach in a waterproof bag so the only damage done was about a ton of sand on me up to my chin and in my chair. I chose to sit there and got hit with waves 2 more times a little later before I finally moved my chair back.

Isn’t this kind of like some of us in our own lives? We find what we think is a safe spot of time and all is nice and serene. Then things change and we get blindsided by something that washes over us and deposits something gritty and irritating like the sand was on me.

But we don’t change anything!

We still sit there and the same thing happens again before we finally decide to make a change. I didn’t want to move my chair because it was just easier to sit there even though the wet sand was not necessarily comfortable. Moving back a few feet meant getting up and changing where I was.

We have to do that sometimes in our lives though so we don’t keep piling up that gritty and irritating sand. Change was good today. It made me reflect on other things I may need to change in my life.

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