Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Racist Rant

I seem to have some interesting encounters on my morning walks on the local parks walking trail and today was no exception given recent national news.

It was mid-morning and not too many people were around because of the heat. I chose to get a bit more of a workout and add the inner loop to my routine where there are fitness stations. As I was getting ready to work out a young black man of 16-18 years of age approached me.

Was I afraid because there wasn’t anyone around and I was being approached by a young black male? Not at all!

This young man approached me with a smile and said “good morning, ma’am”.

He wasn’t afraid of me either because I was a white woman. He greeted me with respect and I returned it by saying good morning to him and some drivel about how hot and humid it was. I did some pushups and he was near me doing pull-ups on that bar. As I walked away I reminded him to drink plenty of water when he finished and he laughed and said “yes ma’am".

 I walked away as did he.

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