Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Extra Pounds of Awesome

 I have recently gained an extra 5 pounds of awesomeness. That occurred after my lame attempt to lose 5 pounds to look a bit better in the bikini this summer. (Beer and ice cream may or may not have contributed to that)

Sunday I chose to go to the beach and get a bit of sun on that extra 5 pounds of awesomeness and the additional 5 I didn’t lose. We all know brown fat looks better than white fat so I was going to brown it up a bit to maybe disguise it some.

All you need to do to feel better about yourself is go to the beach. Why in heavens name are we debating on whether to put PE back in school for kids?  Some things I saw made me want to poke my eye out with an oyster shell.  Young women with string bikinis all proudly walking down the beach strand with enough fat hanging over the string part they could have been arrested for being nekkid on the beach. Then I saw the lady who I thought was a parasail washed up. I didn’t even know they made swim suits that size!
Now before you start hating on me like Abercrombie and Fitch I am going to compliment these girls/women. They certainly had more confidence than me. I am assuming they were comfortable enough with their awesomeness to flaunt it for all to see on the beach. I was the one stressing about the extra 5 pounds and how I looked.

Maybe my lunch break today will be a beer then a walk on the beach with my awesomeness all out there for the world to see while strutting down the beach trying to walk off that beer and brown up the awesome.

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  1. Nuthin' beats hittin' Carolina Beach to really make yourself feel awesome!!!!


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