Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pity Party of One

I have had a few back to back shitty days lately including poking a stick in my eye. Shitty mainly because of my own mind though. Typically I will allow myself to sit on a pity pot for an hour or so at a time and then get over whatever has me in a funk. Allowed it to go on for a few days this time for some unknown reason.

That all changed this morning. God kicked me off the pot by putting someone in my path I needed at the right time.

I am a patient/family volunteer with my local Hospice organization because of my personal experiences with them. I met my new patient and family for the first time this morning. The main ‘player’ in this assignment is the daughter. When I pulled in to the driveway she was standing there waiting for me. I saw me on her face and in her eyes, the me from when I was caring for my mom before she died and the me when I was caring for my husband before he died. Only someone who has been there can understand those eyes. Reminded me of the important things and not the crap I have been thinking about.

She said God brought an angel to her this morning in me but what she will never know is that she was the angel God sent to me to tell me to get over myself and any trivial crap that has been on my mind.

I have been in need of a big hug while in my self induced pity party of one. Her hugs this morning were better than anything I thought I needed. I almost backed out of this assignment because I didn’t think my head was right for it. Sure am glad I didn’t.

Blessings are there if we just get outside of ourself. I am glad God keeps reminding me of that because it has brought some special people in my life. Special people like I met this morning whose life pretty much sucks right now because of what she is enduring.



  1. YOU are an angel for volunteering for Hospice. That takes a very special person and is really a calling. Bless you!!!! Hospice has been my rock this past month dealing with my ill father in PA.

    1. I do it because of what they did for me. Our Hospice organization where I live is one of the very best and they saved my sanity. Probably kept me from prison because I was close to killing my alcoholic/coke head brother when my mom was a patient.


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