Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Friends Without Benefits?

Can straight men and straight women just be friends without sex being involved? I have had this conversation twice recently and my contribution to the debate was they absolutely could. I was challenged on my view point because I was told all men think about is sex. Well, buckaroo, women probably think about sex just as much as men but sometimes you just don’t let your relationship go there. I actually feel sorry for women who don't have a close male friend. They miss out on a lot of stuff.

I grew up between two brothers in a small town where the only kids near my age were boys. My best friends as a young child were my younger brother and Gary my neighbor. As I got into my teens I hung out with Gary, David and Joe. We were inseparable for a long time and got in to all sorts of mischief together. Because of that I was very good at being just one of the boys. That also meant I endured many belching and farting contests.

Now I have some really good buddies and one of my best friends happens to be male.  I have been asked more than once if we were friends with benefits….uh, nope. We both know that would probably screw up a great friendship so we won’t go there.  There is no agenda behind anything we say to each other which is so refreshing. Sex would get in the way of that.  

This country song kind of sums it up:
One Of The Boys

So yes, you can have close friendships with the opposite sex if you can be just one of the boys. Some women can’t do that because they are too much of a girly girl and can't hang.
Do you have a close friend of the opposite sex who is not gay and you are not having sex with them?



  1. Wish I could say I did. I had a very close guy friend growing up and all through college. We got in all sorts of trouble. Then he surprised me and his family by becoming a priest AND he wasn't even Catholic. WTH??????? The thangs I could tell the Pope would blow his mind!!!!!!

    1. You could entertain us by posting some of the "confessions" here. No one would know.


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