Friday, May 3, 2013

I Am Going Naked

Getting ready for an event filled weekend that requires dressing up a bit is causing me to have to make lot’s of decisions this morning. I will be staying overnight at the event so that means I have to make decisions this morning for 2 days of clothing choices.

Good lord! If guys only knew what went into this process. I knew what I was wearing for the ‘main event’ on the outside. But you then have to choose the right under garments. My outerwear is a bit form fitting so that means you have to have just the right underwear including the right bra so there is no VPL or VBL. We all know what the VPL is but I have to be careful of the Visible Bra Line because my outfit is strapless and you don’t want any of that back fat being shoved upward for all to see. Since I have a pretty eye catching tattoo on my upper shoulder it would draw attention to VBL.

So outerwear and underwear decided. That is only the beginning. You then have to choose the right shoes. This event is resort casual they say. What the hell does that mean anyway? So you dress down your outerwear with the right jewelry and shoes. Stillettos are out so I am going with a 'casual wedge' so I can stand up for the entire evening and be comfortable in my “resort casual” attire.

Outerwear – check
Underwear – check
Shoes – check

Then comes the bag/clutch for your lipstick and cell phone and whatever else you want to take. Big decision after that is jewelry. I may have gone overboard throughout the years buying jewelry because there are too many choices.

Since I have long hair you have to make the decision of what to do with that. Hang straight down, a bit of curl or a low pony tail?

All these decisions are giving me a headache trying to determine what to pack.

I like dressing up but shit fire, can I just wear jeans, tshirt and flip flops? Fuck it....I am going naked. I don’t want to make these decisions this morning.


  1. Do dat beins da case, I shole does needs ta be dere, I loves me sum wyte womens and aftern thay sees my "jewery" hangins, day be all bout wearn me. Ooooo weeeee.

    1. So that must mean you would be going nekkid too.


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