Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meeting Miss Mary

At the beginning of the trail where I walk is a bench. This morning someone I had seen walking many times was sitting there, head leaned back, completely still. As I approached, reaching for my phone because I thought I may have to call 911, her eyes opened and she smiled at me with absolute radiance. I said good morning and her response was she was just sitting there listening to God’s wonder. Well, I couldn’t just pass by without comment so I replied good morning and told her I was a bit concerned when I saw her sitting so still. She laughed and told me her name was Mary and she had a lot of life left in her.

I just knew this was going to be a conversation I needed to have so I put off my walk and stood there talking to Miss Mary. What I learned about Miss Mary could be lessons for all of us.

      -        She believes in God.

-         Patriotism is important to her. Memorial Day is not a weekend,  it is the last Monday of May and she only celebrates it then no matter what Congress says.

-         She has been on this earth for 82 years. That shocked me because I see her walk most days and she does it at a pretty good pace. She appears to be as fit as me, maybe better. She walks at that pace for about an hour and a half each day. Her face doesn’t say 82 either.

-         She has never eaten fast food.

-         She doesn’t drink soft drinks because they are bad for you.

-         A glass of wine and listening to jazz with her boyfriend is a nightly ritual. I got the impression they may even be living together.

-         She makes out with her boyfriend every night. Her exact words were “passionately kisses” him. I suspect two things by the twinkle in her eye when she told me that; he is younger than her and they have sex frequently.

-         She grows her own vegetables because she doesn’t trust what comes from the grocery store.
-    She takes zero medications and is healthy.

I thought I wanted to be Betty White when I grew up but now I think I want to be Miss Mary. She is healthy and fit, makes out every night with her younger boyfriend, drinks good wine, listens to good music and is probably having sex on a regular basis.

Hell, I don’t want to wait until I grow up to be like Miss Mary….I want to be Miss Mary now!!!

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