Sunday, April 21, 2013

Terrorism and One Night Stands

I just read a hilarious blog post written by a guy who hooked up with this chick in a bar and went home with her for a one night stand. All went well until he woke the next morning and prepared to leave doing the typical walk of shame. The problem with was in Boston when the lock down happened. The news was on when he got up and discovered he couldn't leave her apartment.

I suppose there is another thing we need to be vigilant about during these unsettling times in our country, don't let the beer goggles cloud your vision of that person in the bar too much. You may be required to make a difficult decision....stay with them or risk running into a terrorist!


  1. I must correct something here. The walk of shame is for women only. Men have no real problems with the women on one night stands.

    1. Is that based on personal experience Bama?

    2. No, from a study, I wore a white lab coat and carried around a clipboard.


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