Monday, October 1, 2012

Long Island Medium Should Meet Honey Boo Boo

Theresa Caputo's, Long Island Medium is one of TLC’s most popular shows.
I am not certain how this fits with my spiritual beliefs but I think we all would like to have a message from a loved one who is on the “other side”.
A few years back I had a chance encounter with a medium. Actually it was a client who asked to meet for a glass of wine. We had connected through the business transaction so I went.  During our conversation she began to get a peculiar look on her face and then goose bumps on her arm. She proceeded to tell me she had a gift since childhood and had fought it believing it was of the devil and not God. Throughout the years and much prayer she said she accepted it as a gift from God. She then asked me about my brother and I was confused because I had two brothers, both deceased. Bottom line, she said the most innocent spirit she had ever encountered was there. She then said the nickname I used for my little brother. Whoa! Honestly, I don’t recall much else she said because that spooked me big time. I do recall her telling me he was watching out for me.
Today I wish I could remember her name or which state she moved to eventually.
Now if the Long Island Medium could let “spirit” talk to Honey Boo Boo’s family…..
Would you go to a medium?


  1. WOW, that it so cool. I would love to connect with some people from the other side.

  2. I sure would! do you remember the red cardinal that came to my window soon after your mom passed away? that gave us both goosebumps!


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