Thursday, October 4, 2012

Are You A Manscaper?

A Facebook friend of mine posted this article about manscaping.
I recently had a conversation with a guy about this same topic.  He is a believer in manscaping and is one of the small percentage who does waxing in his nether regions (according to him).

I met a guy last year who said he used his beard trimmer on his whole body. Still haven’t figured out why he told me that very soon after meeting him, but oh well. Guess he was trying to explain his hairy body in anticipation of me seeing it. Didn’t happen!

In my travels I have found you can spot a European man on the beach. First, it is the Speedo.  Then you typically see a really hairy back. Hairy, as in it would keep him warm in the winter if he was nekked in the frozen tundra and not on a resort beach.
I like hair on a chest and I like facial hair. Really hairy back - not so much. I don't care how many times you carve sweet nothing messages in it.

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