Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cheap Entertainment and Stalking

I do believe I am ADD, ADHD or just distracted by shiny objects. I can’t just sit and watch TV, I must be doing 2 or 3 other things at the same time.  If I have looked at everything of interest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the news sites I read then I turn to the online mugshots in my local newspaper.

Here is the game I play. I look at them and try to guess what they were arrested for. Some of the DUI’s are easy. Another easy one is resisting arrest. If they have a banged up noggin you can pretty much guess the local popo put a whoop ass on them. The cute, 20 somethings who think it is a glamour shot are harder to figure out. Some of them are down right hilarious to look at.

The other interesting thing is who you may know. After a big local event I usually check the mug shots to see if someone I know got popped for driving after having a few.  Did that today and someone I knew professionally was there.  Of course, I had to click on his picture to see what he was arrested for, curious minds want to know. Stalking. Oh damn!

I surely hope my mug shot isn’t there anytime soon because I too stalk but I just do it via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. You put it out there – I may look.



  1. LAWD, that goober can probably hear better than an owl with those ears.

    1. His momma is still mad at him because those ears hurt like hell when he was born.


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