Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Electronic Doesn't Mean You Can Be A Dumb Ass

I saw this cartoon on Google+ today and some other things on Facebook that prompted this post.

I had a message yesterday on LinkedIn from someone wanting me to do business with them. When I went to their profile it was full of typos and misspelled words. No thank you.

Facebook posts from friends and a couple businesses today were very hard to read.
Don’t you know that means you are yelling in electronic etiquette? It is also hard to read. Are you just too lazy to use your little finger to hit the caps button when appropriate?

 OtheRs PreFeR To tYpe tHEir PoSts lIKe ThiS
They must think it is creative or cute or some other 2nd grade stuff.

then there are the posts that are in all lower case
What the hell happened to your little finger that hits the caps key? Is it broken?

I get texting and chatting allowing for misspelled words, typos, etc. but that is a private (or at least as private as those things can be unless you are getting a divorce) communication method. I did text for awhile with a guy who insisted on completed sentences, fully spelled words and correct punctuation on text messages and was a pet peeve of his that it be done that way. Yeah, he and I don't text anymore or do anything else.
Oh my! If someone saw the chats and texts from and to me I might be embarrassed for many reasons. My business partner and I chat on Facebook each morning and somehow through the misspelled words, shortened text and no caps many times, we still know what the other is saying.  Those are private posts and not for public viewing thank goodness. 

I get it that smart (dumb) phones correct words many times to something unintended and we all are going to make a typo but for Pete's sake, and anyone besides Pete trying to read what you post, do it correctly please. Give that little finger a work out on your keyboard or you may get the middle finger workout by having people delete your posts or just unfriend you. Just because it is electronic it doesn't give you permission to be a slacker.

And the guy who insisted on texting in full sentences, etc? Bet he never had any sexting from anyone. What do you think?


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