Friday, November 16, 2012

Get Over It Already

I saw a news story on Good Morning America this week about 2 women who were pissed when they went into a clothing store and couldn't find plus sizes to fit them. Excuse me, why is this news? The store is European based and they were asked by the reporter if they would adapt their size choices to fit the much larger American women. Uhhhh, nope, not doing it.

I don't go into stores like Forever 21 and bitch because I can't fit into a size 0. I did get my feelings hurt just a bit when I was shopping in Paris and had to try on large and extra-large clothing. My size 4 to 6 is a large to them. 8-10 is extra large. Maybe there is something to their sexy women walking every where in high heels, cigarette in hand and having an attitude - no matter their age. They do seem to be pretty fit. Did I call their news outlets and bitch because they were discriminating against me by saying I was a large sized woman? Didn't enter my mind. I just figured out I might need to be walking more and adopting the attitude of sexiness the French women have.

Everyone seems to be offended by something in our country lately. If you are plus size, don't go to stores that have normal sizes. If you don't like the opinion of the owner of a fast food chain, don't eat there.

I am off for the afternoon to do some shopping. Maybe I will go to the local bird feed store and raise some hell that a bird scared me when I was a child and they should shut down because they are encouraging the bird population by selling seeds and causing me anxiet. Will someone call the local TV stations?

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