Monday, November 26, 2012

Read this for 1 minute and you can cure cancer

Since my business is social media I am on Facebook all day. I see posts from friends on their pages asking you to share something on your page for just one minute or one hour or whatever the prescribed time is and you can help give a child a much needed heart transplant or you can cure cancer or you can prevent killing baby kittens or some such heart wrenching plea.

Do you really think by posting it for one hour you are accomplishing anything by even posting it - let alone for 1 hour?

The second question I have about that is do you go back to your post and delete it after one hour.

The other one I like is if you post something some big company will donate a bunch of money for a warm fuzzy cause. Really?

I have to ask…..are you really so gullible you think a post on Facebook is going to accomplish that?
I understand all the warm fuzzy feelings it probably gives you but bourbon does the same thing for me.

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