Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sexy Baddassary

It is no secret I have a huge crush on Raylan Givens – the character played by Timothy Olyphant on Justified. Actually, I don’t think it is a crush, I think it truly may be lust. He is the ultimate badass boy in my opinion.
Ultimate Badass
Since the new season of Justified is starting in a few days this is on my mind and while thinking about seeing that sexy Raylan every Tuesday night I thought….damn girl, you have some Raylan’s in your life. I was with two of them recently.

I went out with them for a couple beers and as we walk into the restaurant/bar, the hostesses are almost fighting over who is going to seat us and flirting their cute little 21 year old asses off. It was almost like the other patrons turned at once to watch us walk through the restaurant. Of course, being with these 2 men, we have to sit at a table in the back of the restaurant and wordlessly, they knew who had a gun under their shirt and that one took the seat facing out so as to see everyone else.  I didn’t see if it was a nod or a look but it was acknowledged after we sat down. That would probably freak some people out – knowingly going into a place with someone who has a gun. Do you really think Raylan would be there without his gun? Not a chance! You never know where the bad guys will show up.

I have to say both of these men are Raylan-esque… that a word? They are tall, good looking, sexy and you can look at them and know you really wouldn’t want to get into any kind of fight with them, even a pissing contest. (I will never tell anyone about their soft sides because I have been sworn to secrecy) Now tell me ladies, wouldn’t you be feeling pretty damned good sitting where I was last week? I know the 37 waitresses who showed up at our table thought I was pretty lucky...well, the ones who actually saw me sitting there.

Raylan wrote the book on sexy badassary though so even my 2 badass friends can't divert my fantasies. I would go anywhere Raylan and his gun wanted to take me.

Do you have a Raylan crush/lust for anyone?

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  1. I like him in the movie "Hitman." Great flick!


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