Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maybe It Is None Of Your Business Mark

You may know I do social media marketing for a living. That means I have Facebook open on my computer constantly.  It is really beginning to creep me out a bit though.

Every time I go back to Facebook to either look at my personal page or to use it to go to one of my clients pages, the box you put your status update in is asking me questions.

How are you feeling, Brenda?

How are you doing, Brenda?

What is happening, Brenda?

What is going on, Brenda?

What is on your mind, Brenda?

The first couple times I saw these questions I looked over my shoulder to see who was there. I didn’t hear voices asking the question but still looked over my shoulder.

I am a pretty straight up person and will answer most questions honestly unless it just isn’t any of your business. If that is the case, because of my honesty, I will probably just tell you it isn’t any of your business or smile and let you try to assume you know the answer.

Here are your answers though, Mr. Zuckerberg:

I am feeling a bit lazy this morning and don’t want to do my household chores.

I am doing just fine, thanks for asking.

Not much happening but that is intentional today.

There is a lot going on but won't talk about it here.

What is really on my mind this morning is wishing there had not been a miscommunication about whether I was out of the country or not this weekend. I wouldn’t be writing this blog if that had not happened. Oh, and for the record, hardly anyone asks what is on my mind because I have probably already expressed it.
Does that pretty much answer the questions sufficiently so you will quit asking me Mark and Facebook? If Twitter starts doing the same I am going to just make up random shit and see what happens.

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