Monday, December 17, 2012

Swinging From The Chandelier

This should be a story posted in Weird News or something like that but no, it was originally reported by the AP.

So this woman gets a workers’ comp claim approved because of having sex while on a business trip. They must have been swinging from the chandelier because the article even says they pulled the light fixture from the ceiling.

I always had a rule for myself to not mix personal and business relationships and now I am rethinking that choice. Maybe if I had taken men to my hotel room while traveling on business I could have had a nice little vacation for my efforts via workers’ comp.


  1. I LOVE this story!!!! My warped mind is aready thinkin' of ways to file a claim after my annual CLE in January. The shower is always slippy ya know!!!

  2. Ha, I posted the same thing.


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