Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Santa

I haven’t run into Santa so I could sit on his lap and give him my Christmas list. If you see him will you relay this information please?

I have watched The Voice on TV this year and developed a huge crush on Adam and Blake.  If they could be under my tree this year that would be great.

Det. Stabler on Law and Order SVU has a pretty sexy mouth but if he isn’t available to be under my tree someone with a mouth like his could be substituted, someone like Chris O’Donnell maybe.

My biggest male crush is Timothy Olyphant’s character Raylan Givens on Justified and if he was under my imaginary tree Christmas morning I would never get another Christmas present because I would be a very naughty girl - but I am willing to give up all future presents for that.

I know my list is getting to you at the last minute and if you can’t bring me exactly what I want, I understand, Santa.  Maybe you could come up with a composite gift. Here is my suggestion:

Someone with a sexy mouth, drinks brown liquor, likes to have fun, fit body, has a gun(s), has cowboy boots, mischievous, sing and/or play guitar, straight talker, no bullshit, no drama – is that all of the common theme’s with the guys above?

I promise I will be a very good girl!


  1. You may need to go to Texas or Oklahoma to find a man like that. Sounds like you want to rope yourself a real live cowboy. Gitty up girl!!!!

  2. Tim was very good in "Hitman." Merry Christmas, hope you get that...creation you are looking for under your tree.

    1. Thanks Bama. I will get up Christmas morning with great anticipation.


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