Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cleansing and Purging

I have been in a cleansing/purging mood lately. No, I am not doing a cleansing diet for my body nor am I developing an eating disorder. I suppose I am preparing for the new year with a cleaner slate in my life to begin it with.
(Google goofed when I was looking for the pic for this post. My search for trash turned up many, many pics of full on frontal nude men. Guess Google thought I needed to see nekkid men this morning)

I began this purge by unsubscribing to many, many email subscriptions I had. I would just hit delete on about 99% of the ones I unsubscribed to without even opening so why have them cluttering up my inbox. Time saved!

I cleaned my attic and ridded myself of a trash cart full of tacky, useless Christmas decorations. There is still about 10 pieces of various sized luggage up there but I am holding on to that in case I want to go on a grand adventure and would need just the right size to fit that need.

My clothes closet, or one of them at least, is my largest spare bedroom I turned into a closet. 2 SUV loads of clothes, shoes and bags got taken to consignment shops or donated to the store that benefits domestic violence victims. Now I am wondering how all that fit in my closet because it still seems full. Fewer decisions to make when I am getting dressed now.

Drawers, other closets and garage have met the same purging. It is a work in progress so there is much more to sell, trash or give away.

I am a neat person by nature, even the closets, drawers, etc. were neat but I don’t need that crap so out it goes.

I even purged my social media friends and followers to a degree. If I didn’t delete them I at least hid their daily negative bullshit from my feeds.

I plan to start 2013 with a cleaner and less cluttered life. These aren’t new year resolutions, it is just saying goodbye to this year and, by the looks and weight of the trash cart each week, goodbye to many years passed also.

Do you do anything like this at the end of the year?

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