Friday, January 11, 2013

What The Freak????

What the freak just doesn’t do it. You have to say the real word to make you feel better. So what is up with people who really want to say f**k but say freak instead. 

Hasn’t freak become a bad word now because of how it is used? F**k has become so commonplace in our language it is no longer a vulgar word that would get your mouth washed out with soap. It has become so acceptable the Canadian Press has added usage advice in the Canadian Press Caps and Spelling guide.

My friends know I have a potty mouth and a for certain verbal command of the word f**k and know the proper usage and spelling. BUT, is my “potty mouth” any more dirty than people who use freak as a substitute when they mean f**k. Their mind is thinking f**k and the person hearing it knows they mean f**k - so why not just say it?

So, What The Fuck is up with that?

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  1. This whole post is just fucking wrong ;)


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