Sunday, January 27, 2013

Facebook Dating?

Many months ago my business partner (social media marketing) suggested we use me as a case study for dating using social media. Well, damn if Mark Z hasn't read our minds and all the scuttle butt now is that Facebook is going to be the new and biggest dating site because of their new search feature.

I just stalked myself on my own page to see what my profile and posts would say about me. That was an interesting exercise to say the least.

The first thing I noticed is I would have to post better pictures of myself. I was recently told I was better looking and smaller than I look on Facebook. Figures because many of the pictures were after consuming adult beverages, at a concert where it was 100 degrees and all makeup gone, no makeup to begin with, hair blowing crazy, etc. Another thing is there are none with the famous duck lip thing, none taken in a mirror, none with my boobs hanging out, and none that have been photoshopped which all seem to be essential.

You can determine I am not the "long walks on the beach" person, although I do like that. It seems I just sit on the beach, kicked back with a drink in my hand.

Speaking of drinking, it appears I drink a whole lot more than I really do. Oh wait, I think it may be wine:30 so I need to wrap this up.

I do like gardening, reading, music, traveling, am very patriotic and pretty conservative. My taste in music, books and tv shows are all over the place and pretty eclectic. That all is clear.

My profile doesn't give up much personal information and never has. I have some friends who have changed their relationship status so many times I can't keep up with it. That just seems too high school to me. I don't even show that I am female nor do I use the places thing so you can see where I am at any given moment. That will not bode well for a search engine.

I would not be a good candidate for our companies case study because I am not willing to give up my privacy on Facebook, which is pretty strict, and I am not willing to be guarded about what I post. As I think about it, I am not even into dating much so that just shoots that all to hell.

Single friends - would you use Facebook as a dating site? Single, married, in a relationship or whatever else your profile says, what would your Facebook posts and pictures say about you?


  1. Nah, I just use blogger, hahaha

    1. How is that working out for you Bama?

    2. Great, I have slept with all the women in my comment section, well, except for you, yet. Just kidding. I haven't slept with any of my commenters, hahaha


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