Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Part Two

I did a post last year about Valentine’s Day and thought I would do Part Two this year. Some of you guys can thank me for this like you did the one last year.

I think Valentine’s Day is a lame, contrived holiday for adults. There I said it and it probably will piss off a bunch of women who have fallen for the marketing strategies of retailers, flower shops, restaurants and such. The worth of the man in their life is what happens on Valentine's Day? Really?

Girls, let me tell you. If you are relying on a man to really step up to the plate and do the whole flowers, candy, jewelry, dinner thing you are short changing him. Do you really want a man in your life who does what a retailer tells him to do to show he cares? Wouldn't you rather he come up with some creative ways of expressing that on any given day of the year?

What about April 9? 

April 9th you say? Yep, just an ordinary day and no special occasion. What happens on that day? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a surprise little something that just says he cares on a nothing day?

Better yet, what do you do for him on Valentine’s Day or April 9th?

Guys, if Valentine’s Day expectations have you stressed you can refer back to my post last year for some great ideas.

You're welcome.


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