Thursday, September 29, 2011

Live Your Life From The Inside Out

This will be a bit different from my other posts in that it is going to be more serious. Okay sort of. It will be real shit from my heart though. 
I have known loss in my life more than most people have. With those losses I have come to know you have to live your own life FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  You can’t live it based on what someone else wants you to be. Those people may not be in your life tomorrow.  If you have allowed someone to change you, it must be from the inside and it must be for the good. The people we allow to change us for the good may not even be the best people in our outside lives but we can and should grow from our experiences with them. 
The sum of who I am today, this very minute, is partly due to the people I have encountered and have chosen to learn from and have become a better me.  It sounds like a very worn out cliché but I really do like me.  I would like to have me as a friend.
Now that you know I like who I am, and my friends say they do, it amazes me that I am told I have to be someone else in the dating arena. I can’t be myself? WTF?  
I like me.
 You like me.
“Don’t be you”.
 “It intimidates men”.  
 Should I care? Wouldn’t that be like wearing a padded, push up bra and industrial strength Spanx ? You get alone and the real you comes bustin’ right out of there. What then?
I think this pretty much sums it up:   Here I am. I am blessed with some amazing people in my life who really, really love me and have made me a better person. If you want to come on along for the ride, be my guest, but you need to like me today and you have to promise to help make me a better me. There are no games. There is no bullshit. It is what it is. So where is CyberBoy when you need him?
Choose To Live Your Life From The Inside Out!


  1. You are right. The right thing will happen at the right time when you stay true to yourself!

  2. Thanks for the comments Vanessa. I agree with you and I always will remain true to myself. Peace and Grace to you sister.

  3. hey brenda. yeah..i agree...loving ourselves from the inside out. cool. miss you. hope to get to beach side soon. love, amy

  4. Thanks for the comments Amy. If you are the Amy who is on a similar journey, then come to the beach, I have plenty of wine.

  5. Ooh, B Mac, you have it all figured out, really! I mean there is no issue here at all........... just the question of who is telling you to be someone else, certainly not a friend, they like you so you say. I think it is. You wouldn't address this if it were someone else. you care about your friends and their opinions. Well meaning friends can be a pain and intrusive. I recently had an unpleasant break up and stayed with a couple who are best friends. They were convinced all I needed was a new girlfriend. They proceeded to parade their hand picked candidates at the house every evening. I ended up staying somewhere else and they finally got it. B Mac you've got it figured out, now figure out how to deal gently with those well meaning friends) who truly want the best for you.


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