Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pole Dancing? Chair Dancing?

I am in a special class to get fit.  No, it isn’t special ed.  It is a small, specialty fitness class that is not only getting us fit but working on being sensual and sexy – for ourselves. The instructor/owner of the fitness center is all about empowering women to feel good about themselves at any and all points in their lives. 

This class has given me a huge appreciation for women who work in “gentlemen’s clubs”. You see, it is a pole and chair dance class. The amount of fitness and strength this takes is so much more than I thought.  I have joked that if my current career doesn’t work out I will hit the clubs in Myrtle Beach with what I am learning.  Remember, I said I “joked” about it. There would have to be a bunch of alcohol to convince me to do that publicly.  Okay, maybe not a bunch of alcohol but there would have to be alcohol involved.

If we allow ourselves we can lose our sexual and sensual self. It isn’t about having someone in your life and it isn’t about pleasuring yourself.  We are a puritan society who says we must cover our bodies and certainly not touch ourselves or if we do you don’t talk about it. I seem to recall boys being told they would go blind if they did or something like that. Never heard that about girls but maybe the belief was girls didn’t do that.  I have digressed and need to get back on track with my beginning thoughts, so….

“Sexuality is a natural part of who we are. We are all sexual beings, although we express our sexuality differently as we grow up. Our sexuality includes our sense of gender, our body image, our sexual orientation, our sexual behaviors, our emotions, and the roles we play in relationships. It is much bigger than what we do and who we do it with.” That is according to Dr. Logan Lefkoff and I agree.  The big part of that statement for me is the body image part. This class certainly helps with that.

The pole and chair dance classes are not only for fitness but they give you permission to move your body in a sensual manner.  Some of us have way too many hang ups about that.  Put some music on at home and sway to it. Just move and pretty soon you may be feeling pretty darned sexy.  Oh yeah, close the blinds first.

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