Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Dance!

I have been doing a lot of “talking” on here about dating and men and have not explored the other parts of my life publicly.

Let me tell you a bit about my day today.

       I was always such a routine based person and if you took me out of that routine I was going to have a challenging day.  Typically, my day would start with coffee and the newspaper, then shower, dress, go to office.  If out of the routine I may have to check my toothbrush to see if it was wet to know if I actually brushed my teeth. My office is in my house now so my day starts with coffee and sitting at my computer working in my pj’s while I am waking up with that wonderful hot caffeine.

     This morning I was happily working when my phone rang fairly early for most people I suppose and it was a dear, dear friend who just wanted to say hello, I mattered to her and she loved me. In the next hour a client messaged me to say they liked what we were doing for them and was impressed.  Then I communicated with my business partner via chat and she is such an inspiration it made me kick it into another gear creatively. 

     So far, before 9am or so on a Monday, I have personal and professional feel good moments. I decided the day had begun so well I should just dance.  I put on my Day Starter Playlist from Spotify and just danced! Yes, danced. I felt such joy it was easy to do that. I even used some of the “moves” my pole/chair instructor taught me while dancing but I did it for me and not someone else. I felt happy and sexy – all that before lunch, hell that was before 10:00am.  The very best part of that is I felt that inside, for me. Yes, it was triggered by some outside influences but my feelings were real.

     Take the time to call someone in your life who matters, tell them that. Tell them you love them.  Tell them they have made a difference in your life.

     Take the time to tell someone you do business with they are doing a good job. Yes, that includes the person who checks out your groceries or bags them. Hell, just say thank you.

     Take the time to dance! Just dance out of sheer joy or dance until you feel the joy.  Either way your soul might just dance with you.  Just dance!

                                Two things I know for certain. Things change and I will be happy. EFB


  1. This was your best post yet!!! I remember when I was a single mom, if I had a particularly hard day (they were all hard, so I reserved this for the PARTICULARLY hard ones), I would come home with my son, crank up the music and let loose. There was nothing more therapeutic! Now, more than a decade later, I listened to one of my son's playlists to realize he downloaded a remake of one of my favorite songs. When I pointed it out he admitted that he remembered dancing with me in the living room to it.

  2. What a beautiful story about dancing with your son and the memories you made for him. Thanks for sharing it.
    Sometimes dancing with and for ourselves is all we need but you took it to another level and made it a special time with him.
    I hope you find time now to dance out of joy because of that son.


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