Monday, August 5, 2013

Unplugged Rehab

I felt a little like a junky going through rehab this past weekend for 3 straight days. I work in social media so I am online almost 24/7 on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. On those sites I have developed ‘relationships’ and was really beginning to wonder if I was better at cyber relationships than the real thing.

Back to reality this morning and back on all my sites to check out what happened without me. I must be the instigator of social media mischief because my friends just posted boring crap for the most part. Logging in on Monday and commenting on something they posted on Saturday would not have the same impact. Especially if there were cocktails involved on both sides because that is when it gets quite interesting and fun at times.

Since my unplugged from social media hiatus has ended, I am wondering how long it will be before I get back to what was my norm.

Maybe I need more disconnected, long weekends with good diversions to break my habit. I kinda liked it and Facebook survived without me although a bit more boring for my friends.

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