Thursday, August 8, 2013

No Farting?

A friend of mine on Google+, has started a fart war with me. It started with a link to a video about farts and now he is tagging me in other fart video’s. I posed a question to him about men/boys and fart humor at the beginning and that started the war. It starts with men/boys in early childhood and continues. I got him back a bit this morning with one of my own about breaking the fart barrier in a new relationship with this video.

Another male friend of mine says he doesn’t want to know women fart or even poop for that matter. He is disgusted at the thought of it. Then there is my absolutely beautiful, feminine girlfriend who told me if she really likes a guy she will let one rip on the 2nd or 3rd date to test his reaction. She thinks if he hangs around after that he is a keeper. That could explain why she has a difficult time sustaining relationships.

Is it important to preserve the sexy and pretend you don’t have normal bodily functions?
What if the inevitable happens, especially during sex, and that squeaker sneaks out and there was no intent? Oops! No dog to blame it on in bed and if there is, a fart is the least of your problems.


  1. I fart WAY louder than any of the 3 guys who live in my household. I'm a legend and very proud of that fact!!!!!

    1. But did you fart in front of your husband on the 2nd or 3rd date to test him?

  2. Well I personally think that it is important to preserve the sexy (both men and women) and keep some things a mystery. But that's just me :)

  3. HaHa Nice post! I know exactly who you're talking about on G+ too! lol My take? Just be yourself...if you fart around your family at home, then fart around your potential other'll soon know if they are a match or not. I don't want to be with somebody that I can't be transparent with! :)


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