Thursday, August 15, 2013

Women Should Play Dumb

Wow is all I can say. Well, not all I can say so here goes.
The article below is from a business article I read today. Yes, business article. It was 12 ways to be attractive to the opposite sex or something like that. This was #5. I was admonished by a girlfriend one night in a bar to be more like this description. thanks! If I wanted a fling with you I would just let you know without acting dumb.
Doesn't say much for men but as a certified people watcher, I see it working all the time, even on men I know. Believe me I give them shit for it too.
If I appear quick witted and lucid to you and that is unattractive, I will be glad you just moved along to the dimwitted immature ones.

Women should play dumb if they're looking for a fling.

This one pains us to write. But ladies, if you're looking for a one-night stand, it's best to play it stupid.
In a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior, graduate students at the University of Texas–Austin found that that men were most attracted to women who appeared "dimwitted- or immature," or "sleepy or intoxicated" for a one-night stand (charming).
Women who appeared quick-witted and lucid, on the other hand, were found less physically attractive.
Thankfully, the opposite was true when men were seeking long-term partners.
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  1. What kind of stupid business journal...let's boycott them....


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