Thursday, August 23, 2012

.....but it is complicated.

Was just out of town speaking at a conference. As most people do at those sort of things you leave the cocktail reception and head for the bar. Yep, I did just that with some people I met there. One guy in particular showed interest in me and kept engaging me in conversation. I saw he had a wedding band on and I commented on that. His reply “yes, I am married but it is complicated”.  Excuse me?

I wasn’t interested enough to find out what was complicated about it. I give him kudo’s for not taking his wedding band off while out of town. I suppose that shows some honesty on his part.

Check out these numbers on infidelity: especially the one about business trips.

I am not judging him or anyone else who may cheat. I am only saying this guy was pretty bold about it. He was looking for a one night stand out of town because his marriage was complicated I guess. Hell, what relationship isn’t complicated whether it is friends or marriage.

He was persistent right up until I was leaving the bar to go to my room ALONE. Guess who found me at breakfast and sat beside me? Yep, good ol’ married Chad.


  1. Gotta give Chad points for givin' it the ol' college try!!!

    1. I almost wanted to say "Bless his heart".


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