Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Raising YOUR Kinds

In a couple discussions with my good friend recently, who also does not have children, we have decided we would do a much better job of raising children than today’s parents seem to be doing.

Many kids today are rude, chubby (fat), and lazy.

They are rude because their parents have not taught them any manners. What the hell happened to please and thank you? I can get beyond the “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” thing just a bit but not much else.  A simple please and thank you seems to be a stretch today. They don’t know about giving someone older their seat or calling someone Mr. or Mrs. if they are older. I would have been slapped into next Thursday if I had called an older person by their first name or dared to even think a chair was for sitting if anyone older was in the room. Not today, no siree! Don’t even get me started on restaurant behaviour.

I think a contributing factor to the chubby thing is they are allowed to sit in front of their computer all the time and play on Facebook where they were allowed to lie because they aren’t 13 yet. Which leads me to this - why are you teaching your child to be dishonest? Giving them a good life lesson aren’t you? 

Chubby and lazy seem to go hand in hand I guess. Many children I know are not even required to clean their own room let alone any other chores. They are given what they want without any understanding of earning something. Gee, wonder how that will play out in the workplace.

Did I mention allowing your little girls to wear hooker clothes? I have seen more 12 and 13 year old breasts in public than I really care to. AND I have seen these same girls in Victoria’s Secret with their boyfriends. WTF!!!!! I don't want your 13 year old son peaking at me through the curtain crack, thank you very much.

Having said all that there are some good parents out there raising their children - the way I was raised. My business partners kids are polite, they are fit, they drink milk with their meals, they are in Sunday School every week, they are taught about giving instead of receiving, they have chores and I just bet they would know to put their hand over their heart when the Star Spangled Banner is played. Good job Andrea and Steve!

Go ahead and hype your kids up on soft drinks and junk food, teach them to lie, cheat and steal, drug them for one of their alphabet soup diagnosis, buy them hooker clothes so they feel "sexy" at 10 and see how all that works out for you when you get older and maybe need those same kids making decisions for you and your life. Good luck with that!

My rant is over and I will be back to posting about sex, drugs and rock & roll soon.

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  1. AMEN SISTA!!! My young'uns certainly ain't perfect but that is why I pay the big bucks and send 'em to cotillion.


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