Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Did Not Have Sex With That Girl!

According to this article our former president may have started something.

Blow jobs don’t count.  At least to Bill Clinton and our teens.

I don’t recall even knowing about oral sex when I was 15. I believe it was NBC who did a study a few years back about oral sex being no big deal to middle school kids....middle school, how old is that? Better yet, how young is that?

If questioned by their parents they can say they are virgins I guess.

A male friend of mine confessed some time ago to me that he had his first blow job at 37. Since he is a friend of mine on Facebook he is probably turning red right now and hoping like hell I don’t give his name. Good looking normal guy with two very attractive wives – not at the same time. He is probably wondering what went wrong with him if ugly 6th graders are having oral sex.

Now I know why a recent survey of young people named Bill Clinton as their favorite president.


  1. And sadly, young folks are having anal sex and saying they are still virgins. What a mixed up world we live in!!!

    1. They need to read one of my previous posts about restoring their virginity maybe. I thought I was pretty wise when I was young but with what todays kids know, I was such an innocent.


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