Sunday, May 13, 2012


My mom was a rabid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. You can’t grow up in the St. Louis area without being that way. I grew up there but later became an Atlanta Braves fan. The Cards were always my childhood favorite though. When the Cards and Braves played each other it was always a win for me.

Before I moved mom to NC with me it was not unusual for us to call each other during televised games just to say “did you see that?” especially during the Mark McGuire/Sammy Sosa home run contest.

Mom was a patient at the Lower Cape Fear Hospice and Life Care Center the last month of her life. They taught me all the physical aspects of the dying progress. One of those is hearing becomes acute and you should talk with them just as if they were awake and hearing you. The night before mom died a Braves/Cards game was televised so I “watched” it with her and talked to her about the game as if she was seeing and hearing it with me.

It is fitting today the Braves and Cardinals are televised so I think I will just sit down and watch this ballgame and honor my mom. Happy Mother’s Day Mom….. Play Ball!

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