Monday, April 2, 2012

Clearing Brush And Mending Fences

Really random thoughts…..

I disconnected Sunday to do some much needed yard chores and things on my honey do list was cleaning up the property line area between me and my neighbors and mending a lattice fence that needed repair.
The young people who have bought into my neighborhood are apparently pretty lazy. They have the worst looking yards of all. My 90+ year old neighbors take better care of their yards than the young people. The ones who bought behind me cut down the majestic 50+ year old camelias, are letting the shrubs grow willy nilly and letting cherry laurels take over. Cherry laurels are the kudzu of trees for those not in the south. They have also let vines grow into the beautiful dogwoods on our property line and it is killing the trees. I did my best to reach as far as I could over the fence to cut out some of the vines and the cherry laurels. All the while I was thinking I wanted to go into their house and yank their lazy asses out into their yard to do some work. They barely even cut their grass.

While clearing their brush and mending my fences I was doing a lot of thinking during what really was a peaceful and beautiful day. My thoughts about what I was doing made me think of the 10 Commandments. I wonder how many children even learn the 10 Commandments or are taught by their parents a version of them. I really felt like murdering my neighbors (6th Commandment) for their laziness and the work I was having to do because of that. I didn’t/wouldn’t because I know it is wrong. I probably have broken many of the commandments at some time in my life but I have not resorted to murdering anyone. Not that one is worse than the other I guess. God didn’t give them degrees of importance. Those commandments were instilled in me from birth I think and I really do try to live by them.

My other random thoughts while working was about clearing the brush from our minds and hearts. When you clear brush it allows the sun to shine through and new growth happens. If you allow the brush to hide everything you never know what is under there and new growth of the good stuff is hampered. Face your feelings and deal with them, clear away the brush. Snakes usually hide in overgrown areas. That is probably why so many people have snakes in their heads. Just a thought.

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