Tuesday, January 31, 2012


First dates with someone you don’t really know can be a bit awkward at the beginning because you are getting to know each other, blah, blah, blah.

Unless you have your privacy setting so no one but friends can see things about you, with Facebook you skip straight to 3rd date, okay maybe 2nd date.

You get to peek (stalk)  into the other person’s life and learn so much.
Many things you would not learn until you had several conversations.  You go straight to what do they drink, maybe what they eat, where have they been on vacation, how many children they have, where they work, are they a whiner…..

I have several friends who do the online dating thing. Online dating profiles are probably a lot of bullshit written to impress the person reading it. Wouldn’t you do that? Only the best pictures are posted to view. Facebook is different!  Unless you know Facebook and how to restrict things, your friends may have posted pictures of you that you would rather a potential date not see.

So what does all that information in advance change about the dating process. Of course, it could eliminate the first date completely because of the information posted. But let’s say you saw their information on Facebook and decided it would be worth a drink, lunch or dinner. What then? Does it give you more to talk about? Does it eliminate the “rules” on what is acceptable for 1st dates or 2nd dates?  After all, you skipped those awkward getting to know you moments because you already stalked each other on line.

Speaking of awkward…..you tell a little fib about why you can’t see them Thursday night and oops, someone posts a picture of you that clearly is not what you said you were going to be doing. Hmmm. Better tighten up those privacy settings on Facebook. 

Complications can abound with this such as if you quit seeing someone, do you unfriend them at that point?

I am making up my own dating rules as I go this time around but will someone enlighten me to the social media and dating rules if you know them?  Are there rules or can I make up my own for that also?

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