Thursday, March 14, 2013

Words/Phrases I Want Banned

We all probably have words or phrases that are irritating as hell to us when we hear them.

"You go girl" is one of those phrases for me. I want to ask; "go where?".  Just where would you like for me to go? It is usually in response to something positive so why not just say good job or something like that.

Baby Momma/Baby Daddy - these should be banned from all vocabularies and arrests made if used. Momma and Daddy (Diddy if you are a southern redneck girl) should be terms of endearment and not a biological term. I do not recall those words being in my biology book so stop using them to describe a sperm or egg donor.

Literally is the next word that should be banned from use for anyone who has not looked up the definition in the old Websters. "I literally died when I saw him". My response: "damn, didn't see your obituary in the paper and you look right good for a dead person".

Really is a word I have to confess to using some to end a sentence but I have heard it taken to the extreme. Your friend makes a statement and ends it with "really.....really.....really" with more emphasis on each really. We can agree to use this one and I don't really, really, really want it banned but please stop at the first really.

Do you have any words or phrases that literally irritate the crap out of you, your baby momma, and your baby daddy?


  1. Good ones!!!! The phrase that literally irritates the crap out of me is "it is what it is". I always want to say, "no shit, but that doesn't make me feel any better". If there's a problem, help me find a solution, or at least listen to me bitch about it with a sympathetic ear instead of saying that stupid phrase which to me is a cop out.

  2. I don't like the expression Food Porn.

  3. Yes! Women, usually young women, using the phrase "really" to express disbelief or "seriously" to express the same.


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