Sunday, December 4, 2011

As Seen On TV....and everywhere else

This was in my newspaper sale flyers today and my very first thought was “stylish” pajama jeans…..really?

Why in the world do we need to promote people wearing their pajama’s in public any more than they already do by making them look like jeans?  
Pajama’s are for sleeping. Unless you are self employed, work from home a lot and begin your day at 6:30am, then they can be your morning work clothes.

I see so many people in their pj’s and house slippers in stores, in the airport and sometimes just walking down the street.
Why do they think that is acceptable?
It seems the people who dress like that just shuffle along slowly as if they just woke up and won’t get the hell out of my way. I don’t care how nice those plaid flannel jammies are or how comfortable they are, you look like a real lazy ass loser in public.

I was raised in a different era where you dressed a certain way for inside the house and outside the house. You also wore your best for church. I was at the court house last year filing some things and was appalled at how people were dressed. That is another place I think you should show some respect and not wear your pj’s.

As I write this, it has gotten dark outside and I am in for the night.  
Time to put my jammies on!

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