Friday, December 9, 2011

Angels.....everywhere this week!

This has been a most interesting week!

It started with a former FBI agent, now author, who knows all about angels. That was shared with me by the dearest of all friends who I think is an earthly angel. I also think this FBI agent may know me because of angels. That may sound a bit strange, but it just is.

In 1999 someone gave me a piece of garden statuary of an angel. It was extremely important to me at the time because of my mothers death. For the past week or so I have been almost consumed with the thought that the angel needed to go back to the place it came from to comfort someone else. I just knew someone needed to see that angel and feel the comfort I did in 1999 and every day since when I saw it in my garden.
I made that happen today.

In the process, I met and made a new friend who transported the angel back to it's orignal place for me. Over coffee with this person, we connected immediately, and I believe we will have a great friendship now.  

Did the angel have anything to do with that?

Of all things, over cocktails in a bar last night, I shared some of my "angel stories" with someone who surprised even me I was telling about these experiences. Maybe they needed to hear about it.

I am open to receiving whatever God has in store for me and maybe, just maybe, all these angels are so prominent this week in my life for a wonderful, joyful reason.

I believe they are.

It is the season after all!

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