Monday, April 27, 2015

Who Was The Real Celebrity?

This past weekend included two annual events I enjoy thoroughly. One of the events includes people I don’t get to see often enough so it is always good to sit and talk with them because 2 or 3 in particular are some of my favorite people. They happen to be “celebrities” with names you would recognize.  One of the things we share is a love for live music and the weekend always includes that via jamming with friends and drinking plenty of adult beverages. I take many pictures during the weekend and some video of the experience. Some get posted to social media but most just stay on my phone so I can look back and recall the good times.

The other event this weekend didn't have names you would know, nor would you even recognize their picture if I posted them. The “celebrities” at this event were military or former military. One of them has had so many surgeries he has lost count. He is blind now and endured other injuries that have changed his life forever. Then there is the soldier who will probably have his leg amputated soon who insisted on attending the event and participating.

That event was a 5k combat mud run started by a retired law enforcement officer and former Army. Every penny his organization raises stays in our community to help our local wounded warriors. He and his volunteers devote countless hours, and I am certain, many of their own dollars to this cause.

For me, the true celebrities haven’t had their face on a TV or movie screen or their name on a record album. They have had their heart and soul under a uniform representing our country with honor. No fame and certainly no fortune for them. They should be who we proudly stand beside to get our picture taken.

The really cool thing….
The 2 or 3 “celebrities” I mentioned at the beginning who I said were some of my favorite people, those people would agree with me. 

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