Monday, June 9, 2014

Damn You Google!

I have been thinking age and loss of hormones was contributing to not being able to remember anything.

It was a revelation for me today when I realized I don't have to remember anything anymore. If I have forgotten or just didn't know in the first place, all I have to do is Google it. There is no need to put it in my memory bank. My employees, in a former career, used to joke with me that I was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge because I could quote the guideline manuals that governed us, page, verse and chapter, maybe even the revision date on a good day. Not any more.

Who needs to remember a phone number? All you have to do is scroll down your contact list in your  phone and choose the name. You don't have to remember the route to drive because you just use the GPS in your car or on your phone. How many of you have been in a conversation with someone and neither of you can remember something? The first thing one of you do is grab your phone and Google it. Yep. Me, too.

One thing I can do is recite most of the Gettysburg Address that I learned in childhood. Go figure why that is in my memory bank.

As long as there is Google I am okay so I should be saying thank you Google instead of cursing them.
Well, except when I see you and can't remember what the heck your name is and don't have time to scroll through my Facebook friends to find your picture.

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  1. So I can thank Google for my horrible memory!! You're right, we never have to remember anything anymore. And I also blame spellcheck and autocorrect for our horrible spelling these days. We don't have to learn to spell any words!


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