Thursday, February 14, 2013

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

For work research purposes I set up a pseudo fake profile recently. There was no photo and I slightly altered some information since I am not serious. It has been a very interesting experiment to say the least. Since I am not a paying, card carrying member of Match I can’t respond to the emails I am getting from those interested in me. It is a ‘look but don’t touch thing’ for me.

In my research I did learn that 50% of the profiles on dating sites have intentional made up shit. Most of those profiles said they wanted honesty and no game playing. Excuse me?

Here are some who should have made up information or pictures. These are from matches sent to me and a friend who pays for the site. These are a cut and paste job so you are seeing it exactly like they put it on their profiles. I did alter the pictures just a bit.


I like to bearound people and have good time. I like doing things outdoors,hunten ,fishing ,sports. I like to be with poeple who like being around other poeple.Some people like to drunk & have a good time, but I like to set around and talk and other things.


I want the next person in my to be the god seens me . Because I pick the one.
i am not racing to the finish,i'm enjoying life one slow step of the way. i love my mom(and her cooking). i'm laid back, but definitely not lazy. i dont own a watch, but i'm never late. i'm a beach bum wrapped in the body of a mountain man, or vice versa. i live my life simply with the occasional dive into decadent indulgence. contact me and i'll reply with words of wonder or maybe just some words to ponder.

I'm kind caring,romantic,and I love when I can be interduced to the little girl that resides in every woman........I'm looking for a womanwho's at that age where games are put aside,and let her mate or friend see the real person.
For Fun:
Sit here at home or walk one block to the beach .
Favorite Hot Spots:
When I have the money I like yard sales flee markets.
I get emails with my daily matches and it has been very entertaining to say the least to look at some of them. One of the men was gay and just doesn’t know it yet. His interests included Pinterest and he listed Glee as one of his favorite TV shows. Do you think saying he was interested in women was part of his fake profile? There were some good ones I may have been interested in but I am not paying money so there is that.
I have seen all the TV ads for categorized dating sites and in my research online I found a site that specializes in married people who want to cheat on their spouses. WTF? I do not consider myself a naïve person at all but who the hell knew something like that would exist. There is even one for those looking for a sugar daddy or momma.
What do you think, should I pay the money and hook up with guy whose favorite hot spot is the flee market or go for the mountain man sipping on the straw?


  1. Please, Please, Please hook up with mountain man/beach bum and let me know what in the hell is that growth below his right eye??????????

    1. In fairness to the mountain man/beach bum, it is his hair that apparently he thought would be sexy blowing across his face. I cropped the top of his head off to help hide his identity and that created the illusion of a growth.

  2. I think you should check out the gay one - he may have been acting gay because he thinks that's what women like. At worst, you could end up being his fag hag.

  3. That's a horrible selection of....fat guys and one bum.

    1. Da fat guy is profiling that sexy hairy chest though and I am sure some woman with an equally hairy chest is going to snap him right up.


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